Occupational Health & Safety Award


Safety of human and marine life is the number one priority for all organizations operating in the maritime domain. It is imperative that continuous improvements are advanced in line with modern designs for installations, infrastructure in the maritime environment.

This award recognizes the very best in safety and quality improvement initiatives. It highlights excellence in technical and procedural improvement initiatives that lead to a reduction of risk to life, ship and cargo in the maritime industry. It recognizes the organization that has made a significant contribution to improving maritime safety through a specific activity over a period of time.


Entry is open to all stakeholders in the maritime industry.

Judging criteria:

The judges are looking for detailed evidence of such initiatives including accounts of investment in safety training, changes to the company’s safety culture and improvements of lost time accidents where relevant. Entrants should provide clear information backed by facts that pay particular attention to the criteria listed below.

§  Outline the processes and initiatives introduced by your organization to tackle workplace safety, highlighting any relevant accreditations achieved.

§  Provide details of who is responsible for developing and implementing safety programs and initiatives, outlining the level of senior management buy in and any relevant training schemes offered by the organization.

§  Does the organization set itself safety performance targets? If so, how are they set and what do they include.

§  Outline the business and economic effects from the safety initiatives implemented providing evidence showing the continuous improvement of safety levels and the reduction in incidents, maintenance costs, fuel costs, vehicle costs, property damage, third party costs, personal injury or worker absence.

§  Include any other facts or statements that you deem relevant to support the entry

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