Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Award


This award recognizes a leading corporate social Investment (CSI) policy or initiative delivered in the review period. The policy must have successfully contributed to the welfare of the company’s employees, its local community and its business performance overall. Our judging panel will be looking for explanations of the rationale behind the initiative, evidence of success and an indication of investment either monetary or through other company resources.

Judging criteria:

The judges will be looking for clear information backed by facts responding most appropriately to the criteria listed below.

§  Organization background: Provide a brief description of the organization such as when it was established, areas operating in, key clients and organizational chart.

§  Key Projects & Initiatives in CSI: Provide a brief description of significant relevant initiatives that you have been engaged in and why you think the relationships were exceptional.

§  Innovation: Details of any unique CSI initiatives that you have deployed demonstrating how they have impacted the beneficiaries.

§  Elaborate on your commitment to employee and community welfare

§  How widely spread is CSI initiative.

§  Describe any fund raising programs you may have for your CSI purposes

§  Include any other facts or statements that you feel are relevant to support the entry, including client testimonial(s) where possible from the beneficiaries. 

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