Business Membership Organization (BMO) Award (per country i.e. Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda)


This award recognizes an association or group in the maritime industry that has made a substantial contribution in representing its members, improving the business environment and partnering with Government agencies.


Registered industry associations supporting the East African maritime sector.

Judging criteria:

Judges will be looking for examples of collaborations leading to  the prosperity of the regional maritime industry. Evidence of contributions made and examples of tangible benefits to members will be required. Below is a breakdown of additional requirements.

§  Mandate & Organization background: Please provide a brief description of the organization such as when it was established, areas operating in, key membership and the total numbers.

§  Key initiatives: Provide a brief description of significant issues relevant to the development of your members and other port users that you have dealt with exceptionally

§  Evidence of successful lobbying and resulting policy initiatives 

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